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  1. Designing a new newspaper template that is eye friendly!

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    2. Tonraq


      It depends on the stylistic choice and physical limitations; For example, an Asian CJ, especially Japanese ones, write from right to left and from top to bottom, using a Western Open Sourced programs such as GIMP will mean no support for those. It is also quite time consuming (I did a short run of an ST community newspaper back in 2011-2012 wjich even with multiple members I find it to be quite a time eater) :P

    3. SimRico


      I've only found time invested in setting up a template that works for you as time well spent. And I find updating the template shell to be much lless time consuming than upating a scrolling blog where one occasionally, if not at each enrry, re-center, reformat, rewrite html, etc. But after setting your custom 'theme standars' that you wish to carry through each entry, simply pasting in new text and pics is really quick and easy.

    4. jmsepe


      Are you're newspaper websites?