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  1. Sim Nation™ is a gathering of mayors from around the world! We share ideas, screen shots, building tips, and much more on our Facebook group page. We create and name regions that bear our guild trademark (SimNation™ or SN™). As we work together to create regions, our SimNation™ name and the SN™ tag will be seen on the Leader Boards of servers all over the world! We hold weekly special events where we work together try to take the top spot on the Leader Boards for: highest population cities, simoleans, wealth, health, sick sims, most educated sims, etc.... these events are great fun! Getting to know other players in the game allows you to gain more knowledge and increases your success while playing SimCity (2013). It is not mandatory that you participate in any of the events we hold. Just being a member of our Sim Nation™ Facebook page is a great way to find new people to play and build with. We are a group of people who share a love for the game, despite it's little flaws and bugs. We encourage tip sharing and SimCity photo sharing so we can all be inspired and learn from each other. Even if you have never played multiplayer regions or choose not to play multiplayer, IT'S OK! We welcome you in SimNation™! Our only requirements to join are...... a love for the game, respect for all players, and a willingness to collaborate. Learn, grow, and be inspired in SimNation™! Please join us! Please visit our SimNation Facebook group page and request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimNationGuild/ (Current membership stands at 296 members, and growing each week!)