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  1. So, I've been importing maps to the map editor after getting them pretty much how I want in a graphics editor. So far my chain has been: Download from terrain.party (produces 8-bit grayscale PNG) Apply some curves in GIMP (still 8-bit grayscale) Convert to 24-bit grayscale in IrfanView and apply a bit of blur Import into C:SL The result is still a bit lumpy - and the smoothing tool is a bit heavy-handed/uneven. I suppose, what would be useful, is if there were a way to smooth the whole map in the editor at once - or a better method of producing the 24-bit image
  2. Arden County-Urban Region

    Very pretty - I love the other pictures and your city - but this one just looks great
  3. "Death care" has been fairly important in town/city planning over recent history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnificent_Seven_cemeteries
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    Taking a break from Chelsea and started up a new map - going for a more "planned" approach with this one. Using the Black Woods map, because it has some interesting features. Still a lot of detailing to think about - but this is the progress of my new harbour/farm/town of Kelowna:
  5. Could it be that you don't have the right kind of jobs available because of over/under education?
  6. Chelsea - Update 10: Over the River

    Update 10: Over the River Expanding out over the river beyond Petticoat Junction, and we have two new towns (can't remember the names right now - will have to come back and fix that). I've also extended the highway spur to go around Bermin and past Petticoat Junction, over the river and on to the external connector in the corner of the map. Through traffic is starting to become a problem, though. (I love the new traffic destination tool - helps with planning). And there's a small spur towards Montreal and Wilmott, too. A long view from Hortos across the region (if you look carefully at the interchange near Hortos, you might notice it getting a bit gnarly) - Chelsea/Runcorn one the left, Wilmott to the centre right: And finally, a nice postcard shot from Mt Chelsea: Now that the towns are pretty much all sited (I think there's space for one more), I'm starting to lose a bit of steam. There's the temptation to simply block out a massive grid now, which must be fought... also, I've reached a point where I need to plan a highway bypass for the through traffic - and also a decent rail network. I've been mucking about in a couple of throwaway cities to get to grips with terraforming, and the road anarchy and move-it mods.
  7. Show us what you're working on!

    Is that Flinders St Station? It's a very nice building.
  8. Whitefish Bay

    heh - sorry, I was distracted by the pretty pictures and didn't realise you'd written descriptions - makes sense
  9. Whitefish Bay

    It looks like you have two different city layouts in your images - one of concentric circles, and then another that's more rectilinear - or am I imagining it? Still, I like the detail of your industrial bits - like your waterworks and power plant.
  10. Chelsea - Update 10: Over the River

    Update 9: Astoria Down where the Montreal River flows into the Chelsea Estuary we have the picturesque town of Astoria, with homes sitting right up on the cliff edge. The lighthouse is also a popular spot for Sunday walks. So, about two-thirds of the map has been surveyed and towns have been sited. A highway has been extended from Horgos out towards Bermin and Besmin: And Besmin has undergone some expansion, with a bridge connecting it to Chetana - this cuts a long loop on the highway, but surprisingly isn't used all that much. Here we can see how Besmin has created a space around the ancient henge: And finally - even with only 25,000 or so inhabitants, each town's graveyard is struggling a little. Some town councils have adopted crematorium, but Horgos have opted to simple extend their main cemetary (like so many other things like parks and farms, it would be nice to be able to "paint" an arbitrary graveyard (to a max size) rather than use repetitive rectangles). There seems to a problem with putting the last image in from imgur...
  11. Chelsea - Update 10: Over the River

    Thanks - although as I've pretty much sited all the towns (or will have over the next couple of updates), I'm going to be expanding the towns outwards. I plan on leaving a decent greenbelt, though. I've seen your "ground up" post - will take a closer look later and try it out on my own map for Adelaide.
  12. Chelsea - Update 10: Over the River

    Update 8 addendum A slightly better shot of Montreal after some more Cims moved in: