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  1. Busy busy busy, I wanna BAT but I'm so busy........ :(

    1. jmsepe


      Take things slowly... that's the way it is... :D

  2. Allow me to change my status lol :P

  3. It's on!! Hockey, Canada vs Sweden for Gold

  4. WOW!! What a game between Russia and USA!

    1. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      I saw the ending. That was crazy!

  5. CZE vs SWE Men's hockey later :D

  6. SimCity 2013 offline is coming. The end of the world as we know it has begun.

    1. Haljackey


      ...But our personal computers simply cannot handle the computations and level of depth require to run SimCity (2013)!

    2. KevinPaul06


      Exactly! That's why we, EA, won't give you a bigger maps. Well, maybe next year if we get 1 billion complains and being voted as the worst company of the year for the 3rd time.

  7. Exporting TruNite. (no more glitches please :))

  8. I find working on functionality of the model is way more complicated than building the model itself >.<

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    2. KevinPaul06


      But I can't seem to edit anything on SC4PIM. :? Like the number of jobs, plop cost, and etc.

    3. blunder


      Just use PIM to puke out the desc so you can get it lotted, then make all your changes in reader. Reader lets you control all variables.

    4. KevinPaul06


      How can I test growable bat? How can I know if it is really working or going to grow in-game or not? Anyway, thanks guys for the help. Really appreciate it.

  9. wxPython: stdout/stderr on SC4PIM?

  10. I'll be gone for a while. Busy with NHL14 :D

  11. Parthenon....

    1. astronelson


      They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is:

  12. Road to Winter Classic.

  13. Familiarizing Life & Casualty Tower....

  14. Is it possible to change the thread title?

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    2. Bipin


      I wish I knew that. Would of helped when I accidentally made that "sfdsfssdfs"-titled thread. :P

    3. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      It's in the "Full Editor", with a box at the top. :)

    4. KevinPaul06


      lol. Thanks guys.

  15. And if the real thing don't do the trick, you better make up something quick.

  16. The Power Is Back!!

    1. GeometryMath Algebra

      GeometryMath Algebra

      First off, you made some unnecessary capitalization there, and secondly, YAY!

    2. KevinPaul06


      Come on! Just let it side! WOO!

  17. I'm still here! It is just that our province is still on recovery mode!

    1. Huston


      Hope everyone in EQ affected areas of Bohol is fine D:

  18. 3-4 weeks without Electricity. Thanks Hurricane Santi!

    1. GeometryMath Algebra

      GeometryMath Algebra

      Erm, 'Typhoon' Santi. :P

    2. jlt122


      Depends on where you live in the world.

  19. Wings taking over the East!

  20. Texture, texture, texture........