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  1. Will this set up work with an external SSD? So basically, just having a normal 5400rpm HDD on my computer, and then hook up an external SSD whenever I play simcity with my plugins folders on it. Yes, this setup should work with an external SSD, provided you don't forget to plug it in A problem could be the drive letter, but if the external SSD is the only thing you attach, it should usually choose the right one every time. What I mean is that I think that Windows remembers drive letters for external devices unrelated to the actual port which it is attached to. I'm not sure, but I think I noticed this once. It obviously wouldn't work if another attached device is currently using this letter, but you can just remove that. To be safe you should probably just check the drive letter before you launch the game. It is also very easy to edit the path of the link to the Plugins folder, you just need to replace the foremost letter. On the topic of operating systems, you should be fine with Windows 7 or 8(.1). xp seems to be the best and most stable option for SC4, but it isn't sold anymore and should be avoided at all costs as main OS if you plan to access the Internet because it is potentially unsafe since the end of support in April. Windows 7 tends to have problems with SC4 and I'm assuming 8(.1) has too, but the -cpucount:1 option can mitigate crashes a bit. If you do run into problems, you may also want to check whether compatibility modes for earlier Windows versions are available. I have no experience with those and I think xp mode was removed from Windows 8, but the very purpose of compatibility mode is to improve performance of older programs.
  2. Dear diary, maybe I should start a stream where I play Pokémon. It's been so popular recently.

  3. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    3285 I shall be remembered as the one who single-handedly developed and maintained the SimCity fan community.
  4. Dear Diary, I'm off to get some coffee. I don't get much sleep, you know.

    1. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      This is true. Too much English homework results in many a late night. :P

  5. SimCity developer asks modders to maintain the integrity of the game.

    Now, now Nonny Moose. Where there's a will, there's a way. With an offline mode and Maxis showing budding modders the secrets of Glassbox, perhaps modders can fix the mess Maxis made. I recall that SC4 was pretty messed up with a busted transport system, faulty RCI and a whole host of odd glitches. Eleven years later and modders have transformed the game. Now I get the feeling that Maxis is going to work with the modders for sometime to try and make Glassbox far more efficient. With efficiency there will come larger map sizes. So I think this is the moment where SC 2013 comes out of the gutter so to speak. A Nonny Moose still holds the point that modders can't access the source. We can only hope that a lot of things are outside the source and ruled by external files as in SC4, which enabled all those fixes. But I think that the graphical engine of a game is usually part of the source, so it is unlikely that there will be a lot to do there. As I said, we can only hope for the best. But at least, modding will be possible. That's already something.
  6. Maxis announces SimCity offline mode

    If I recall correctly, that part only applies to bigger cities, not the standard game. I hope that the community will be able to test it's veracity, though.
  7. Help The NAM is destroying my City!

    Does this mean that the concept of roads is actually based on aliens which visited our planet long ago? Or are all roads actually aliens merely waiting to be able to destroy us? Would this also mean that civil engineering companies are controlled by those road aliens? Then what does actually flow in those pipes under the roads? Some kind of nutritious liquid? Or are they sentient machines? Or do they feed on electricity and water? Is it their ultimate goal to cover every single spot on Earth in roads? What about rails? Is all infrastructure evil, or is it just the highways or just the intersections? Does their power increase with the number of connected roads? So many questions... Oh, and I just had to make this... OK, you can't see it very well, but I managed to cut out most of the background.
  8. The Countdown Game

    84 Well, I have no idea what that would output. Probably because I don't know Ruby. What else can I say? Ah yes, the second digit of my number is the half of the first.
  9. The Countdown Game

    Edit: 87. Oh, someone posted before I did. And I thought that I would get notified in that case... Well, as I don't want to think of anything else right now, I'm just going to leave everything as it is. Happy Halloween to you, too. I think that for the target, there still is the fun of taking the risk of not making it in time, especially if the target chooses to only post at 0. And if the thread gets enough attention, it will eventually get very hard, as foreshadowed on that last one (posting while the target is offline and such). So actually, I feel that there is some effect to it. Though you could argue that the 'endgame' will be the same every time and might get boring while still being challenging. That could be right. As to 88, well, the first thing that comes to my mind right now is the use it seems to have gained in the modern Nazi community. That is pretty sad, especially as while checking Wikipedia, I see it being also the time travel velocity in the Back to the Future movies. I feel that that's more like something you should know about a number... Anyways, Wikipedia told me that 88 also is a so-called 'untouchable number', not being the sum of any number's divisors. It is the atomic number of radium.
  10. The Countdown Game

    30 You forgot your number, but I suppose that Duke87 or someone else will fix that soon. As to the new SimCity: I do like the concept of the agent-based simulation, though I do not like that the Sims don't have fixed homes and workplaces. That's just stupid. Now, what I dislike most. I guess that gameplaywise, the city tiles are the problem. They don't seem to be big enough for enjoyable long-time expansion and while that alone would not be a problem, not having the city tiles touch makes it close to unbearable. As to the game itself, I think it's bad that it is not properly moddable right now (because of online rollbacks), which is opposed to what made SC4 the game it is. So I'd say that modding is the biggest issue right now, because if complete 'moddability' does become a reality, it might even be possible to change city tiles somewhat. At least, that is what would make the game worth buying to me.
  11. Member of the Month: September 2013

    Congratulations to both winners. I'm sure you both did a great job, even if I haven't yet come around to the right parts of the forums to actually see you shine.
  12. Yes... I've been constantly updating my NAM and have kept an eye on the other news, but the last time I actually played seems to lie about a year in the past... And then I don't really get to use the wonderful possibilities of the NAM at all. They're just there, waiting to be used some day. I like SimCity very much. And I like the NAM and all those other mods and such. But I do like other stuff, too. Which means that I usually end up lacking sleep, having done nothing but surfing the internet.
  13. The Countdown Game

    54 That argument could be made in both directions. Hamish didn't show up for over a month, but we didn't reach 0 either, so we really can't say we won. We can't win out of laziness to post.