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  1. Trade Port Not Working

    no, not except bug perhaps? experienced a similar thing a few months back when I was importing, But now i experience that some of my trucks teleport to locations sometimes
  2. Need for industry: discussion

    today on simcity blog they announced how the new RCI works. also this has been discussed on the update 6.0 thread. my question is...is it going to be too challenging. since there are 3 types of commercial, low medium and high wealth, what kind of industry do we need, and how much of it? does low tech industry provide freight for low wealth commercial and does it scale up like this? or does high wealth commercial need low tech industrial freight? or is freight going to be non-discriminating and it does not matter what tech level industry you have? these are the questions that are burning in my mind. i know some people are getting mad that they cannot build commercial only cities. what I am really mad about is this paragraph on the blog: "First and foremost, we’re adding a profit dependence on freight deliveries to Commercial buildings. Commercial buildings have always received freight shipments, but now that need is greater. With Update 6, Industrial deliveries are crucial to keeping your Commercial buildings happy. Having no Industrial zones will decrease the happiness of Commercial buildings. If they wait too long for deliveries, they may go abandoned." TRAFFIC is already a problem, and before solving it, now we are adding another source of problems! most likely freight is going act the same way as other tard agents...and now i have to worry about more traffic! Agree, the traffic acts more like watertubes, than as planning sims. But the interesting question is why they hasn't fixed the traffic before they decided to add this. DanielleSmithy, on 12 Jul 2013 - 09:47 AM, said: I don't see the problem..... Isn't this what we have trade ports for.... yupp, if you're exporting to an another city or wants to have a margin. if the trucks stops your deliveries to your store, the store will be abandon and the factory in time. add to it that we doesn't have control over the trucks, instead of going to a warehouse directly they can also go to the store directly.
  3. If i remeber right there were some folks over att ea's forum that said they had signed up for newsletters from EA, think thats why. think most people doesn't want to post us 5 mails everyday
  4. Seems to that they also seems to be thinking of allowing modding? Got all the pics here http://spiritandelastik.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/maxis-launches-survey-about-future-content/ But i do wonder if this isn't a old survey since thay are asking about the german,french and the british DLC packs
  5. Hello there Have a question does anyone recognize which property file, I did find this info on? Discovered that i miss the maintance cost on this picture. btw, Im one of the writers of http://spiritandelastik.wordpress.com/ Spirit out