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  1. Hi All, I'm having trouble with houses abandoning as the residents can't find work. This despite the fact that within each level of work there are quite literally thousands of jobs available and the RCI advisor telling me I have a workers shortage. My public transport is well developed and gets used heavily. Traffic is not great but certainly not grid locked. It seems there should be no reason for the Sims to not find work, but something is obviously stopping them? What could be the cause? Cheers
  2. SimCity Mac

    So one good thing I noticed about the Mac version. My iMac runs no where near as hot as when playing in Bootcamp. Guess it could have a bit to do with the fact the graphics settings are so low the GPU isn't raising a sweat.
  3. I've built the Arcology twice and seen no benefit at all, took a heap of time and money for nothing. Built the International Airport once, but struggled to keep it open due to lack of workers. I haven't tried the Solar Power great work, would be interested to try it.
  4. SimCity Mac

    Like everyone else pretty disappointed with the poor performance. Been playing on bootcamp Win7 for a while and the native Mac version performs very poorly in comparison. Having to dial the graphics right down. And just to make turning the graphics down just that little bit annoying... it won't let me change graphics settings with a city loaded. Got exit to main menu, change, load city which is slow, find that graphics are still too high and repeat process.
  5. Hi All, Like most I'm really struggling with traffic congestion. How do you keep it to a minimum? Road layout obviously plays it part, however I was wondering how you reduce the sims from using their cars in the first place? In my most recent city I got buses and subsequently street cars up and running quickly. I tried to keep them their capacity up so wait times were low. This worked for a while, there was little traffic and the number of daily rides on public transport was high. Then for no obvious reason they just stopped using public transport and the traffic blew out. Any tips on keeping your sims on public transport would be great. Cheers
  6. Dev. Tester Here....

    Traffic tuning is generally mentioned for most updates and this probably falls under the heading of traffic tuning. It would be great to see greater improvement on how service vehicles behave, in particular recycling trucks. Some of my larger cities have failed simply because the recycling trucks don't work. Probably only a quarter of the trucks in my city will actually collect recycling, the rest just get stuck in endless loops where they go around and around a block for no apparent reason. It seems their not being tasked with a destination for collection so go in circles.
  7. Hi All, I've been trying to figure out how to get my cities bigger, however they seem to max out around the 150k pop mark. My best effort to date was a 191k pop before the city seemed to bog itself down and started collapsing. Population dropped and finances crippled it. What are some of the key's to success? I know I'm asking a bit but for those of you have got such large cities going could you perhaps dot point your top five tips? Traffic seems to be the biggest issue (as most people find) where it causes services to fail. I generally have a lot of public transport but reading through the thread I'm wondering if I'm putting too many stops? Cash flow? For the really big cities do you have a specilisation? I've just been trying to run a balanced city and earn cash from recycling? Is this enough or do you put in say a processor factory that can earn farily high income? Thanks in advance for any responses, I realise I've asked a million questions that probably don't have simple answers. Cheers
  8. Hi All, I've been trying out creating a Service City and wondering if anyone else has done anything similar? And if so did you have success with it? I started one city that motored along and has become reasonably large, about 120k population. I was running out of room and needed more residential, so things like power station, recycling, dump etc etc had to make way for residential. I started another city in the region and gifted it a couple of million to get it going. Basically built a big nuclear power plant, a couple of sewage plants, water plants, recycling plants and dump. More than enough services to cover my other city. There is no way this city is self supporting, it costs about 26k an hour to operate. So the idea was that it would make money from my other city buying say electricity from it. And the profit made from trading the recycled alloy etc collected from the main city. Once this city was up and running I then went back to my main city. I demolished by power, water and sewage plants. After a bit the supply of these from my service city stabilized and all was ok. Garbage and Recycling trucks from Service city do make an appearance periodically but they are hardly reliable. After a while a message came up saying that my Service City could had run out of room to take the rubbish from the Main City. I went back to my Service City, despite all the money my main city had been paying for various Services it has not translated to a profit in the Service City. Has anyone done anything similar and got it to work? Prior to the games release I watched promotional videos that suggested this type of scenario would work and the game was geared toward this. My assumption is that the two cities probably both need to be actively played at the same time for it to work. Love to hear thoughts and suggestions.