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  1. How do I increase the challenge?

    I didn't start this thread to brag or troll, but is this game too easy? It's just seems like a directed hand holding session. Build a road, city hall and utilities and then just build housing and jobs for skilled and unskilled workers en mass. Rinse and repeat until you get to a 5,000 population, where a few more buildings become unlocked. With $500K to spend, it's almost impossible to fail. And because the "big" buildings stay locked until you reach population (and income) milestones, there is no opportunity to over extend yourself. Kind of like playing on a swing with a helmet and knee pads. Just wondering. How complex are the underlying mechanics? For example, I built a factory right next to a farm, yet the farm suffered no ill-effects, and intermingled commercial, residential and industrial zones as well as put skilled and unskilled worker housing right next to each other and the only warning message I got was that workers were having a hard time moving into the city. In Simcity, (2000 and 3000), doing those kind of things would make people move out of the city.