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  1. I am trying to create an overpass over several streets and ave's with the Real Highway. I was using the Maxis elevated hwy but it looks like crap and I wanted to create kewl over passes with exit and on ramps but can't figure out how to create the over passes and have them link up from the hill tops I create. I tried using the T thing but all it does is angles itself down the slop of the hill....it doesn't create a nice table top extention over empty space for me to then connect the other side with. I know I must be missing something but have no idea what. I dl'd the entire NAM 3.1 mod set and tried like hell to follow tutorials on youtube but when ever I try what they do even with just regular roads the T ext pieses that transistion the ground part of the road to the bridge part of the overpass just angle down the slope of the hill. SHould look like this when working -------------------------------------------------- / HILL \ / Hill \ Looks like this on mine ----------------------\ /--------------------- / Hill \\ // Hill \ Any one who has a realy good idiot proof step by step not a warp speed click click click thats houw its done tutorial, please let me know.