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  1. IRM I-HT SkyLimit Satellite Research by GreatDane

    Thank you! Looks great.
  2. Alighieri Apartments

    Thank you! I love your work. Downloads everything you create. Use them all the time. Thank you for your time, the effort and for sharing. I love your style. I am grateful! Best regards Omelett
  3. Modern Audi Dealership

    Looks good. Thank you!
  4. Canals - which to use?

    You can get lost for days in that one, certainly one of the all-time greats. Yes Had to bookmark it. Even saved some of its pictures to HD.
  5. Canals - which to use?

    Thank you both kschmidt and gviper! I agree that diagonals are a special feature. It is ok to break up the grid with canals. Haven`t tried that yet. But will give it a go.
  6. Canals - which to use?

    Thank you rsc204! Yes, I`d already downloaded PEG CSK before this post. But then I saw some CJs using some others canals.They were just as beautiful Many choices! Ended up with both Simgoobers and Cals. Will install one set. Then another one and so on. Guess it will take some time to try and to learn. Looking forward to this experiment. Sc4 is never going dull it seems. Will dl the remake of Brigantine. For now I can`t log in. "504 - Gateway Timeout" Thank you all for your replies EDIT: Seems it was just a refresh of the page it took. Looking at Mountain View CJ now. Really inspiring!
  7. Canals - which to use?

    Thank you aaaling! Heading over to LEX. Expect some hours getting used to and learning about the canals.
  8. Canals - which to use?

    Thank you feyss! Quik response Colour of water, which watermod would you suggest? Something that matches. I`ve looked at Brigantine by PEG. Not sure. Looks kind of bleak. Might be I used a more bright blue before. Think it is RVT Coastal Mod 2009, Cyan.
  9. Hi all! I`ve never cared about canals before due to a low end pc. Kept things at an minimum. Now I`ve got a new pc. Now I want to give canals a try. But there are several to choose from. I`ve read about some of them. Seen some in CJs. They are all good looking I think. But...which to use? I would pick only one as starter. Don`t care about streams, creeks and waterfalls. But I do like the idea of making some ponds. I would use canals in urban and industrial settings. Which, in your opinion are most suitable? Best developed? Best supported, add-ons and so on? Thanks. EDIT: If you should ask...For now I use no road/street-side mod. Planning to use Sudden Valley Terrain Mod. Open for suggestion about watermod.
  10. Sewage Plant

    Perfect! Thank you. I`ve been missing something like this in my game. Tusen takk. Gleder meg til neste kreasjon fra deg.
  11. Pripiat Square Blocks Pack 1 (Maxis night)

    Kjempeflott! Du er en kunstner!   - In english: Great!! You are an artist!