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  1. New DLC, official info

    i redeemed my code but I cannot find where in the interface the items are
  2. Q&A with the Devs of Simcity

    Thanks for the link
  3. Found this online, thought I would share
  4. Show us your amusement park!

    Looks nice, $ income looks nice too.
  5. Where's the Crest thngamijiggies located? I did the online thing but cannot find them in the menus
  6. not getting this, at least not right away...gotta get a job first
  7. Saw this, thought I would share...laughed pretty good. http://imgur.com/can1FwI
  8. Simcity Launch Park

    i got mine, havent used it yet due to cost, nor since my WOW guild has been running non stop...
  9. Amusment Park DLC $$?

    Go play Cities XL, the game is built around the idea of having a completely realistic city. The series has been around since 2006 (City Life was the first game in the series). You can buy the current version Cities XL Platinum which is $20 on Amazon for a digital download. Beware though they release a new version every year, though you can buy the new content as an expasion pack . Now leave my retared playable cartoon series alone. + rep
  10. i'll take one if you still got one...impossible to get over here in Korea. Heck, I'll send someone a two dollar bill if they can snag a working code for me
  11. Tourist Generation

    Thanks all for the info...
  12. Why do we play this game?

    i play so the haters will hate more...seriously I just like making cities
  13. not sure how you survive with 13% taxes