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  1. well the FBI and the Bomb Sqaud was at my school today someone took a Bomb to school because of the way people treat him/her i feel bad for his life.

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    2. shanemitch333


      cotton candy its a little place in the united states called South Carolina if your not from the US. and SimRico I know life is ruff now and days.

    3. jlt122


      It's sad when children do this out of fear and anger of being bullied. The other sad thing is that some Parents need to stop encouraging their unruly child to bully others & family members too. It all starts at home and so many kids are told not to get involved despite what they may tell you on the news and other media fan-fare. Honestly though it's up to everyone to say enough is enough and band together to stop the bullies that are boys or girls.

    4. jlt122


      I am from South Carolina myself and I could tell you horror stories from when I was a kid living there.