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  1. hey guys i love this one girl to death and everytime i try and talk to her and stuff and make her feel good about her and she friend zones you all the time how could i get my mind off of her

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    2. Neto Dari

      Neto Dari

      With time, you will forget it. The time is the greatest teacher of our lives... The time will teach you that you don't need it to live, because there are many other nice girls out there!!

    3. #1SithLord


      I'm married. If it isn't going to happen, look for someone else. There are a lot of women out there. Just please, be yourself, even if you are dorky (which I am). The right person will find you then and you'll end up in a happier relationship.

    4. shanemitch333


      I really appreciate you guys being there for me. I have never really had anyone be there for me. and do you guys have a face book that I can add you on so I can show you what this girl looks like. and do any of you have Sim city 2013 I know its a crappy game im trying to find someone help me build a great works.