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  1. SimCity's AI, a big problem

    They want to take in the awesome view, clearly.
  2. How do you change to European buildings?

    Ah, good I came across this topic. I thought I'd be able to just switch building sets as in previous versions. This is kind of disappointing. I was definitely willing to pay extra to get three new building sets, but if that's not exactly what it is... then yeah, doesn't really sound worth it. Damn. I want this game, but I also guess I want some massive expansion pack to be there already that will give me UK building sets (real sets), farms and underground trains. *sigh*
  3. Paradise Lost

    Very nice journal! Love that night shot you posted, it's beautiful!
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hey all! I used to spend so much time at Simtropolis in the olden days, mostly making UK style Georgian town houses or Victorian terraces in 3D max rather than playing the games! Now I cannot either remember my old account details or the account has been deleted. Seeing as it's been well over 7 years since I last logged on, I'm guessing deleted. It seems this time the UK building set will be included if I buy the correct edition, so maybe I can spend more time building cities and less time trying to make the buildings that I want to have in my cities! But I'm off to buy the new Sim City today. I've heard about the server issues, but I'm still very excited. I've tried to not read up too much about the game in the run up to its release so that I won't be too hyped and will just be happy instead.