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  1. Commuter City

    Crap, so it really is about traffic issues? That sucks...
  2. Commuter City

    I checked my region and see what's going on. I only had 100+ commuters going to one of my city. That's just sad.
  3. Recycling centers

    First, you need to add the Metal/Alloy/Plastic sorters. Then you need to add a trade building to send those reclaimed stuff from the recycling plant to the trade building. You also need to check that the trade building is accepting locally produced goods and that it is exporting those goods.
  4. High Res Demand & High Indust Demand

    Yeah, how do you solve a "No Money" problem in residential areas?
  5. DLC you would want to see for this game.

    Real life map of a city where you solve the problems of that city in SimCity. Just like my home town where traffic is horrendous.
  6. High Res Demand & High Indust Demand

    There are lots of reasons why. You need to check the building that has been abandoned. What does it say in your city?
  7. Germs

    Found out that when Sims complain how germy it is on their neighborhood, I had to demolish a building where the ground pollution is the highest and plant trees. I do have to replant them though. I think it took me 20-40 minutes to remove all ground pollution by planting trees. Also I added a filtration pump on my water pump which seemed to help remove the pollution.
  8. Commuter City

    Hello to everyone, So far I am really enjoying the game. I think it's because it has a gameplay like the one in Settlers/Surf City back in the DOS age. One part I really like was the trading of goods. Though not as heirarical as Settlers, it kept me till 6:00 am! More so than Civ V! Though the always online is a bummer, it does saved my save games (or maybe what I really want is an autosave feature) when the game overheats my laptop. (Yeah, it did that twice now). I don't know why but it depends on how it crunches data I guess. Anyway, I am having trouble with my cities especially my industry as it always shuts down because of lack of workers. Is it possible to build a city filled with residential lots? And make them commute to a city with all the work and school?