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  1. Anyone get an update today?

    I got another mystery update today. Do not know what it is for, or how to find out. Poor show of them. If they are making me see an update and making me restart, then they should include a link to something that says an update has occured and what is in the update. If it is a test update, then it should just say 'Test Server Update'.
  2. I've been playing Simcity 2013 now for a while and have noticed some 'odd' things with the approach you need to take to 'succeed' in the game. By 'Succeed' I mean: A good propserous city as normal real life humans would judge. Income To begin with your only source of income is from taxes. No ability to charge for services or make monetary investments that yield a return. Tip: You need to mass produce housing/people to get as much tax income as you can quickly so you can move on to specialization (the real source of income). Go Big Soon You need to get a sizeable population early on. The more the better. High population unlocks the ability to have city hall modules, and progress in which buildings can be plopped. This is unrealistic, as we should be allowed to plop what we want to plop regardless of the population. Tip: Get as many people as you can so you can unlock what you need, then kill them off! Need to Specialize I can understand 'Tourism' as a source of income. But it is unrealistic to derive income from processor/computer manufacturing or shipping out ore/oil/etc. Yet this will be the main source of income after a certain point. Tip: Specialize as soon as possible to establish a better source of income. (I usually go: Trade Depot (import alloy, import plastic, export processor), and Processor Factory). Killing People is Good If your population grows you can easily destroy buildings quickly to reduce population. You can also dezone to prevent buildings from popping up again. People do not complain and this can increase happyness. 100 people complain no jobs, kill 100 people, no one complains, happyness go goes up, traffic problems go down, garbage/sewage use goes down. Win win! Tip: Kill em.. kill em all.. kill em without care! Illogical Housing/Commercial/Industry Construction People will move into a city and then complain there is no job.... They should not move there to begin with. Commercial businesses will appear and then complain there is no one to shop from them... They should not open their store if there is no demand for them. Factories will open up and then complain there are no workers... They should not open a factory if there are not enough people to work there. What should happen is first the demand (shoppers, workers, jobs) THEN the respective people/buildings appear. So this is happening backwards. Tip: Ignore it. No real drawbacks from their complaints. Incorrect Population Figures The values shown are wrong.. It is 'fudged' for people who suffer from 'big number syndrome'. Tip: Ignore the population, or use the patch to give you unfudged values. Going with the unfudged values will make things VERY more logical and easier to manage. Invalid RCI Suggestions The suggestions from advisors is wrong. Tip: Ignore them. The 'demand' figure is not something you have to meet and do. It just means how 'popular' something is. No action is needed on your part. Low Tax And All Is Forgiven The tax rate and happyness rate are directly related. The lower the tax, the happyer they are. Regardless if the world is falling apart around them. Tip: Lower tax to draw in more people. Drop tax to 0% when you have alternative source of income. Therefore, my short consolidation of tips (that are counterintuitive): Create a large population early on to unlock things, then kill them off. Create a trade depot and processor factory, then start importing alloy/plastic and export processors as soon as possible for good revenue Ignore all suggestions and pop-ups everywhere, they are wrong or will lead you on the wrong track. Run a 'small' city (less than 10k unfudged) for best results Following this, I was able to setup a computer processing chain on 25% of my city, 50% is housing (wide blocks). Generating something like 10M/month and have 80M in the bank. All within one day. (Yes, the game is unrealistic).
  3. I tried that, but: Each city wants to be built up in the same way (All utilities must be present, education needs to be there, clinics/police/fireman need to be there). Treating them as multiple areas of one big city works for specialization or after you have one big city made and can start planning subsequent ones. But to start from beginning, it is not possible. Otherwise I would have one 'city' in the region be my residential district (suburbs) and the other be where I work and the third be where I shop.
  4. Ground water drying up too fast!

    This is very counter-intuitive (and not at all realistic for a game that is supposed to simulate life). I purposely placed my water wells far away from the sewage dump. Turns out I have to place it right next to each other. Not impressed
  5. My population hit 100k! Yaay. Now I have a problem.. I am running short on Water, Energy (coal), Garbage collection, and Sewage. Also, I have no room at all to add more utilities. For Energy I could switch to Petrol, but that would only buy me a little time. I'm hesitant to go with Nucelar as I expect it would cause a meltdown (even if I have a highly educated workforce and high tech level, which I do). For Garbage Collection, I have recyclers and incenrators... my problem is collection. I have no room to build more space for garbage dump trucks. I'm hesitant to ask for help from another city as it would just cause congestion in my own. Sewage: I am doing it cleanly but am running out space to put tanks in, so soon everything will back up. Water: No room for more water plants. Right now, I'm raising taxes high to try and discourage people moving in... but that could have undesirable consequences. The way I see it, my options are: 1) Start destroying my homes and businesses so I can build more utilities (You want water? Fine, die! I'm building a water plant on your house..muhahahah). 2) Build a second town for the sole purpose of being my sewage dump, and water/power source (kind of outsourced to a slave city / labour camp). Neither of them feel 'right' (from a morale point of view). Plus #2 means I would have to be super careful with second city to avoid their people comming to mine and causing traffic issues. Sooo... Anyone have any suggestions? (What I really need is a long road from my city to another city where there are energy plants and water plants, but no houses, commercial, industry or mayor... just a 'field' out there, but that is not possible sadly).
  6. Traffic Improvement Tips?

    I've been studying the traffic patterns and what causes issues a fair bit. I've finally managed to build a 100k city with almost no traffic issues (slight congestion at rush hours but that is it). Traffic is caused by: Lots of vehicles (duh) Lots of turning Avoid these... This is what I have done: 1) No buses. At all. Buses are just more vehicles on the street, they cause congestion, especially when they need to stop to drop off/pick up. Plus the logic is so bad they all go to the same place causing even more nightmares. 2) Minimal school bus stops. School buses are needed. They stop to pickup and drop off. This causes congestion. Minimize the number of school bus stops as much as possible. Ensure there is adequate coverage and the stops are placed away from the corners to avoid piling up at the corners. Only have enough school buses to meet the needs, no more. 3) Streetcar avenues everywhere. In my city, I have ONLY streetcar avenues except for one back alley on the edge for my garbage plant. This means everyone can go everywhere by streetcar (no excuses!) 4) Minimize street car stops. Only enough for coverage. Each time there is a station, the streetcar stops. If it stops, its not moving and therefore not moving people around. If its not moving people around, they will not be able to use the service (and either go with car? or just go back home). 5) Large blocks. I did not go for the perfect grid layout. Although it is very grid-rectangular like (and therefore ugly). Bigger blocks means less corners, which means less points of congestion. In short: Fluidity! Remove every reason for a car to stop or turn. Remove every reason for any vehicle to be on the street.