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  1. Thanks for the info. I had figured much of this out already but was starting to become convinced that it is not possible to balance the RCI (I had already learned to ignore the chart and rely on detail data). While doing this I noticed something that had escaped my notice earlier. My city with a population of 110,000 people had about 10-11k workers total. Not jobs but actual workers. Is this why we are so R heavy in our town? Because only 10% of teh resident actually work? Also, Industry needs shops to ship goods to but do shops need shipments of goods? I tend to have very high unfilled jobs values + high unsatisfied customers + high unsatisfied freight shipments. Taken as a whole that is very contradictory unless because of the imbalance, I don't have enough workers to keep my industry creating goods (lots of closed, need workers comments) and that leads to not enough goods for the commercial to sell leading to not enough commercial for my residents. This seems to fit since adding additional C or I doesn't seem to fix the problem and maybe that is because i don't have enough workers to take advantage of the new zones. Just my thoughts and observations.