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  1. Searching for mods

    Double check to see if your version has been updated anyway. If you don't know how to find it, follow the instructions I highlighted in blue in post #2 above. Let us know what it says. How can I check what version I have?
  2. Searching for mods

    I had the game a long time ago, but I just reinstall it after 5 years Okay, I was just curious. If you had recently purchased it as a download off the internet, it would already be fully patched. But nevermind. Anyway, read my response to your previous post below... Actually, you have those in the wrong order. You're going to want to install the "Part 2" patch first, and then install the one you have labeled as "Part 1". ok thx very much. It just that the name of the patch are part1 and part2 in different order... Lol ------------------------------------------ EDIT : Is it normal that when installing the patch I have error because "old file was not found" I click ok and It's installed the patch...
  3. Searching for mods

    I had the game a long time ago, but I just reinstall it after 5 years
  4. Searching for mods

    ok, for the patch, I found that : - Part 1 : http://www.ea.com/simcity-4-deluxe - Part 2 :http://www.simcity.com/en_US/product/simcity4 It's weird?
  5. Hi, i'm new in this forum and I'm searching for different mods for SC4 deluxe edition. That's a list of what I'm looking for : - Weather mod (Change weather automaticly "dynamic weather") - When creating a region, you can choose if it's "nordic" or "normal" (nordic is for snow road, ground texture, trees, etc.) - Be able to change ground texture (like Far Cry) - HD trees - Cars don't disappear - Realistic water mod - New architecture possibility, because the default architectures are very old... - Modern American architecture - Modern European architecture - Old European architecture (http://collonges.c.o.pic.centerblog.net/o/725bc86a.jpg and http://www.forestplatform.fr/_images_a_inserer/actualite1_maison.jpg) - Curved road mod - Dirt road mod I think that's all Sorry if it's a lot of mod, but I'm searching for the best mod to have a nice looking SC4 Thank you very much