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  1. Hello everybody, created a region in EUROPE WEST 2 on release and after playing for a few weeks created four cities, the region I have used is one of the biggest available - 10 further cities available/ 10 further players See attached the image to see what is available, there are already several Town Hall departments within the four cities so will help other players to build, Finance, Transportation, Tourism & Utilities Region is Called "Lagan Valley" after an area around my home in Northern Ireland, so if there are any other fellow countrymen on please add me but all are welcome! origin username is dljones1985
  2. I came on here to offer space in my region Europe West 2 - I created it on release date and have four cities so far, it is the biggest region that is available so you can start your own right away or take control of my first two cities - not great to be honest user name - dljones1985 - will add you now on origin