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  1. Show Us Your Interchanges

    Trying to keep it compact: Roundabout interchange: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=410130387 6-way Oval interchange: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=410154468 p.s. would be nice to be able to show steam workshop pictures on the simtropolis forum.
  2. No cars in some city's

    I have a feeling it was the other mod, but since I got it finally working again I'm not really feeling on placing 1 of them back to check what was the real cause.
  3. No cars in some city's

    I removed some mods and it seems to work again, pedestrians back to normal level & lots of car traffic. The mod I think was the cause is called VIP carpack 1 & 2. or
  4. No cars in some city's

    I can understand that, but having no single car seems something different to me. I tried it with citysizes from 0 - 100k, at the moment not really continueing building untill the issue is solved as it highly affect my unemployment.
  5. No cars in some city's

    The only thing which I change in it, is a little more public transport usage, since Amerika use of public transport is way lower than europe's. Mostly using medium (high) to make it a bit more realistic. But I rather keep most of the other settings standard, so it won't influence the gameplay to much & keeps it realistic. I don't see how this will fix my issue however.
  6. No cars in some city's

    Yes I have the park & ride option on at the moment. Still doesn't make sense there is no single car. Seems I can only turn it off at the moment when I reinstall the NAM. Since it gives me an error that SC4 is running while it isn't when I try to make changes to it and try to save it. Cause there is no single car, people are walking to their work. If the job is to far away they can't find it giving me unemplyment. Although there is plenty of work in connecting city's. Edit 1: Reinstalled NAM put park & ride off, Put public transport use on medium (high). No fix :-(
  7. No cars in some city's

    No clue, the only automata I know off using is part of NAM.
  8. I'm having some issues with my traffic. Some city's don't have any car traffic, but only public transport or people who walk to their job. I checked some other city's in the region my industry city also only has publictransport & people walking to their jobs & trucks, but no cars. The only connection between these two city's is a RHW connection where trucks, busses seem to work fine. I checked also some other city's in the region, much smaller as of now but there are a few cars there not many but its basicly also just a farmers community. They have some outer city connections to outside the region,which is the reason they might have cars? Since there is no single car driving my RHW, well anywhere in some city's. Some screenshots to show my problem: No cars: Busses: Walking people: Hopefully you guys can help me out. Already tried graphical settings in option menu but changing it from low to high, didn't make any difference.