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  1. Vitoria Brazil

    muito bom, um mapa da minha cidade. Mas vc esqueceu do canal que passa entre a praia do canto e camuri. Mas tah perfeito dom msm jeito
  2. Coke Outdoor

    it have a positive park efect because its a green area. ^^
  3. Coke Outdoor

    I wrote Outdoor because i didn't know how it is this in english. But now i know, its billboard right? Sorry for the mistake =/
  4. Coke Outdoor



    This is a modify of my first BAT, (my first BAT was an Outdoor, but it isnt in Simtropolis). This Outdoor have a Coke ad, and have a medium park efect over 10 squares. This BAT have no dependencies I hope you all enjoy it =D
  5. Municipal Heliport

    The names of the BAT in the game are in portugues sorry, =/, becaus i'm brazilian, in my nexts BATS i will make a ver. in english ^^
  6. Municipal Heliport

    thanks a lot, this coments will help me in future for make betters BAT's, about the tower, its so futurist yes, in next ver. i will build another tower, but i think the heliports that i made it's goods, what you thik about them?
  7. Municipal Heliport



    It's my second BAT, so it isn't so good. It is a Municipal Heliport for the lost Helicopters in your city, but in the game it is a Landmark, with a medium Landmark and Mayor Rating effect. It costs 4500 $ for built, 2000 $ for destroy and 250 $ monthly and needs 40 of eletricy and 15 of water. This BAT has no dependencies. I hope you all enjoy it ^^