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  1. French city set.

    Yup, I spent a few hours toying it but nothing. Did manage to improve my curved road building though. There's also a vast variety of buildings. If about four or five different types counts as variety...
  2. French city set.

    Yeah, I remember playing on the Ps2. I never had to worry about over priced DLC and patches weren't an issue either.
  3. French city set.

    Wow, that is honestly the most disappointing thing about this game so far... I've been at it for way to many hours and I've only had a few problems, but paying the extra I expected a lot more. Oh well, I'm that much smarter now I guess.
  4. Hey guys! I've been looking around these forums for the past three months trying out different Simcity games, but I just got around to making an account. Anyway, I just got around to buying the newest Simcity and I've been trying to get the French city set to work. Now it does work, I can get french buildings to appear. The problem is that they only want to pop up when I plop some parks for rich people, so all the buildings are for high wealth residents. Now, I was wondering, has anyone gotten the city sets to work for medium wealth residents? Does anyone know if the other city sets work differently? I did try to force medium wealth by leveling an entire block and leaving it with regular nature parks, but that doesn't seem to help.