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  1. New buildings and lots

    I am trying to create a typical high school, building, football stadium, baseball stadium, gym, bb courts, tennis courts, softball fields,. parking, etc. The only thing I have to use is Lot Editor which I am now sure will never work. - Is there a creating tool to begin this process, what do you folks use to create your awesome lots and building?
  2. AGS Taylor Memorial Field

    Finally  - I had been searching for  HS football field - thanks
  3. Brewer Stadium (Canada Edition)

    Finally a HS football stadium - thank you
  4. Realistic Night Lighting Mod

    will this work in Deluxe downloaded?
  5. SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin

    I have the deluxe edition - downloaded it the dll file, placed it in plugin folder - turned the game on - hit contr x - right click the box - and nothing happens