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  1. I am looking for people who are intrested in joining a region for the long haule not just a few hours There are 10 spots left i have it set as a private region so randomers cant join and take all the citys and then leave a few hours later you will also have to add me so i will be able to invite you I am requesting the for the moment any way uou only use one city in the region so it will give more people a chance of joining it It is on oceanic 2 and is called Tír na nÓg I am atempiting to specalise in electronics at the moment and i have an excess of power Origin- RayH96 For those wondering what the name means for a start it is in irish and it means 'Land of the Young' ,It comes from the old irish myth about Óisin í dTír na nÓg Thanks Ray
  2. Ok i have accepted all the request i got so ye can join now
  3. No bother there are still plenty of spaces left in theis region
  4. Hi guys i am looking for people to join my region called Far Far Away its on Oceanic 2 Im looking for people who just wont abonden there city after a few hours I curnetly have 60 hours clocked up on the game so i have a fair idea of what i am aT Coment if you are intrested in joining with your orign name aswell My Orign name : RayH96 Thanks Ray