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  1. Paradise Coast

  2. COT Free Mod

  3. Verdant Jungle

    Please, upgrade it to cities skylines map . My laptop doesn't let me to do that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os9TER3dLBo
  4. Paradise Coast

    I'm going to update the map to 3.0 version, according to "Cities Skylines How to Traffic v2 by drushkey" advices, I'm having a lot of problems with railways jams. I'll be working on it, and it will be uploaded as soon as possible.
  5. Paradise Coast

    I used some intersections to avoid traffic jams, however, I had to rebuilt the intersection on the "Oil" Coastal Zone for this reason, so that is already solved. And the lake only floods a little wave at the start of the game.
  6. Paradise Coast

    Version 2.0


    Temperate coastal map, with 2 rivers, mountains, a lot of natural resources, and a nice network (highways, railroads, ships and planes), to avoid traffic jams. Have fun.
  7. A map of this city: http://www2.fitforpublicconsumption.com/spring_map.png
  8. EURO Express MOD

    Could you add the AVE. It's Spanish Fastest Train
  9. can someone send me on PM the BOC Mod?