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  1. Not Enough Water For Coal Mine

    Server delays should not be shutting down my coal plant. Unacceptable. Broken and needs fixing. How do I best report this to Maxis?
  2. Not Enough Water For Coal Mine

    I have a town of 22,000 with five water towers, a Water Pumping Station and a Basic Water Pump. I was showing water availability at the maximum. Still no open Coal Plant. THis morning, I added a Filtration Pump, and the Coal Mine re-opened. Let's hope that was no coincidence. It would make sense .... my data map for ground pollution shows high levels around the coal plant. It would be nice if the game somehow clued me into this problem. I have not played SimCity in many years. Is this how the game generally works? In other words, the answers are not spoon-fed to you, but are there if you use your brain and look around? (In other other words, I would have expected the game to have dropped me CLUES/ADVICE that there were likely to be ground water problems when I took my coal plant up to 96 tons per day, and i might want to consider investing in better water purification).
  3. Not Enough Water For Coal Mine

    This keeps happening, sporadically. It is making my mining city unplayable. IS this a known issue that they are supposedly going to fix?
  4. Not Enough Water For Coal Mine

    OK. Thanks. Glad to know it is not me!
  5. Every other business has plenty of water. No one else is complaining. When I click on my Water button, every other business has a big blue dot. Yet when I go to the Water Table map, it shows "dry" for the Coal Mine. There is a path for the water to flow to the coal mine, but the Coal Mine is currently shut down due to lack of water. And when I click on Water button, the Coal Mine shows a big White dot (Dry) with a tiny blue dot in the middle. I am boggled. Have no idea why this is happening. When I click on the "water" button, every other building shows a big blue dot. But the Coal Mine shows a big White dot, with a small blue in the center.
  6. I'm not sure if this is true, but I would bet it is. Of course, many/some cities in a region are going to be connected. But it would make perfect sense to make some of those connections incomplete: it adds to the difficutly/strategy of playing a region. Does it not?