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  1. Glitch with large cities in my region.

    Yeah that did it, thanks.
  2. Glitch with large cities in my region.

    Oh I know it doesn't affect gameplay it's just unsightly. I like large views of developed regions and I can't really show mine off with such glaring gaps. I tried setting everything to low as well as setting a few different resolutions and the problem is still there. How would I re-render it at a lower setting?
  3. I just downloaded the Sykios region and am running into a weird glitch with the large regions. They end up looking like the attached pic. I'm using SC4T on windows 7. I haven't been reconciling the edges because I read not to. The other stock regions that come with the game don't do this. They also didn't do this when the region was initially imported. Only after entering a city and then saving/leaving does it show up like that. I've already tried going back in and reconciling the edges anyway but it says they're even. What should I do?