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  1. Herslebs gate 19 updated version

    I like! Plain and simple ... great job!
  2. Thing row addon5

    Again ... great job - you've become one of my favorite BATters ... thank you!
  3. Updates Suburban College

    Different alright ... but I like it - Great job!!
  4. Thing Small town hall

    Excellent job - who needs Rewards ...
  5. Thing shop1

    This is awesome --- so eligant ... so hip - I hope you're gonna continue with your brilliant work M8 ... I like your texturing!! 10/10
  6. JinMao Tower

    I'm speechless - just speechless ... your work is totally awesome - I like how you textured it ... you're a God at BATting ... keep it up!!!
  7. Joes Diner

    I like plain and simple - and you've got plain and simple .... though does your building have night lighting .... though great job definately a downloadable - you could be the next Simgoober!
  8. Athens 2004 Olympic Stadium

    Looks really good
  9. Portsmouth Technopole Building

    Nice job
  10. Church of the Holy Trinity

    Very nice!