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  1. Hi, I'm looking for honest (who dont abandon after 1 hour of playing) players to develop a new region and build some of great works. If you want to join search for my name Ogirin name: Gajsu Region name: Silica Valley (Don't mistake with silicon )
  2. I've been playing Simcity 5 for a while and i came across a few bugs that i just cant handle because they confuse me. At first i would like to mention the Arcology - on of the Great Works. I am a happy owner of two cities and at some point i decided to build Arcology, i decided to supply this project from both of my cities. Construction needs an alloy, metal and TV's. I opened needed factories and started supplying. When I checked progress of my construction i saw this: Then i opened my another city and i decided to check my acrology building progress again and what i saw was: It changed many times. Sometimes it showed that alloy was 1000/1000 and hour later it was again 300/1000 or something like this. That progress window is different while showed from different cities. How is it even possible? My project is being supplied with materials constantly and this confuses me. Now i dont even know which window shows true. Next issue is that comemrcial buildings bankrupt even when there are customers that also suffer from lack of shops.. Ohh irony... This is what i mean: These are two neighboring buildings that are just few meters from each other. One as you can see is commercial building and another is inhabitant building. Commercial building suffer from lack of customers and inhabitant building is suffering from lack of shops literally i quote from game "More shops or we get out of here" and "There is no customers, we're closing up" Last one is just how ulgy the road looks: Just look at this pavement. I would be grateful if you comment this or tell me if im wrong or i missed something.