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  1. Plenty of room for you guys, just send me a friend request or catch me online.
  2. Got your friend request EG, you're in!
  3. Bump, still looking for more players.
  4. We need to combine regions...I have one started with Supiciosco already, so you guys send me a friend request and I'll invite you. We can still do the skype thing too.
  5. send me a friend request powkakashi. Origin ID is "wowmorte"
  6. Invite sent and yes, ya'll can get invites. I think you have to come to Pacific 1 in order to get a region invite. Just PM me when your on.
  7. My city is already booming...looking for more active players!
  8. You guys come on over to my region, I'm starting up a new "high activity" region. Let me know if you want an invite or friend me on Origin, name is "wowmorte".
  9. Got really tired of searching for a decent region so I'm just going to make my own. My goal is to have a region with active players/friends who play on a regular basis and strive to achieve greatness in the form of challenges, leader boards, and achievements. I play almost every day. I am on Pacific Time (Tokyo), so having players from AU, Japan, or Eastern Asia would be best, but NOT a requirement. Region: Titan Gorge Server: Pacific 1 Players: 15 remaining Voice chat or Skype would also be nice and I'm willing to do that with anyone who wants to. Hit me up for an invite, I will be watching closely for friend requests. Thanks! Origin ID: wowmorte Skype: chris.tarver1
  10. I still haven't heard anything. We need to get something going...you guys up for starting a region together and doing the skype thing? We can invite Minimoose if he decides to get on lol.
  11. Wake yo' self up Minimoose...lets do this thing!!
  12. I want in too. Been looking for a good active region to join.
  13. I'm game. Sent a friend request,
  14. Starting New Active Region - NOW.

    I'm looking for an active region and I'd like to get in on this if you still have room. I sent you an invite (wowmorte) Sim_Imperator.