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  1. This whole debacle brings to memory this http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/tech/post/_/id/2490/ea-sports-cancels-nba-live-13. I will always be on the side of the consumer. We demand quality. NBA 2k franchise was so good, EA had to just quit while they could. Now I wish companies like Focus(Cities XL) stayed in the market to allow for the consumers to have another option. If Focus Interactive is out there........ do something to offer online trading as you can see there is great potential right now.
  2. If your organization actually produces software solution majority of the time someone higher up comes up with a bright idea.That idea regardless of its history is forwarded to biz analyst/project manager for more detailed bright ideas.Then a solution is presented including options.Then some higher up decision maker lays down the law and says. This is the truth.Then dev team runs off with tail between legs to deliver the news.A bright idea programmer may say "but this makes no sense and is risky" and then the lead developer says "not our call man, job security when it fails I guess".
  3. From my experience programming client server applications. It is absolutely unnecessary for an application to be required to run only via internet connection. Surely unless you programmed that application in that manner. These days for online play you can usually just send thin messages to all the nodes in a session. Since the application is hosted on the end user machine the only processing necessary on the server side is collecting and producing statistical reports(leader boards). If the applications attempts to reach the server and fails due to internet connectivity then offline saving to the local device(computer) is an option until there is connectivity. Upon connectivity offline data can be sent not as a whole but in parts dependent on how offline storage was structured back to the server for later update. In the case of trading same applies, if connectivity fails: Region 1 Player[1] Player[2] Player[3] Upon completed trade, store both server side and client side trade details (maybe workers from another city) keep steady stream of import/export Loses internet locally keep steady stream of import/export Store data offline Restored internet notify player "your city needs to provide updates to the other cities in your region" asynchronos update the important stuff As we wind down return play to normal For the other cities who did not lose internet... maintain steady stream of import/export and repeat the same ...... Player[x] I am 100% with the developers/programmers/designers because when management tell you this is how it is going to be, to keep your job you have to shutup, bite you tongue and lip and hack away at code.