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  1. I got Simcity (2013) 2 days ago,but I didn't want to write about it because I don't want people to critise me.I still havent installed it yet cause of stupid origin having so much problems. >:(

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    2. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      Yeah.. actually you're right.

    3. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      In spite of its problems, I think SC13 is fun to play. If you can overlook the fact that it is very different from SC4, you'll find that the game has a lively, dynamic simulation that involves you in your Sims' lives. The specialization system offers new possibilities for development that SC4 didn't have, and the introduction of resources adds an additional challenge to running your cities. According to Origin, I've put some 80-something hours into the game currently, if that means anything.

    4. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      I thought it was bad, but it could have been worse.