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  1. I've noticed that some STEX files are missing.Are these permanently removed or they will arrive some time later cause I really need one of them. 

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    2. C4The_Architect


      It's a small mod that let's you go beyond 200 in the Set sea level cheat.Its not the BLAM one but I think it's call Highseas lowseas.

    3. Cyclone Boom
    4. C4The_Architect


      Yeah it's the one.Thanks Cyclone for your help.

  2. Looks nice but quite difficult for me on mobile.Is there a way I can use the full site like on the previous version?

  3. No no no!What have they done to 2 world trade center?Why why!I have been waiting for that building for 10 years and you take it and through it out the window!?Has everyone gone mad!

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    2. APSMS


      If you ask me they should've rebuilt the towers so that they looked exactly like they were the day they were built (with obvious structural improvements). As for that building...it's ugly. Someone probably got paid an inordinate amount of money to pass it through...America for you, I guess *sigh*

    3. APSMS


      There's no accounting for taste. I still don't understand why we can't have the world's tallest building (or at least a contender).

    4. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      The World Trade Center was supposed to be glamorous. It was supposed to be a lavish place, but it keeps getting cheaper and uglier. Such a disgrace.

  4. Well,this forum game has died some how.Help revive it!

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    2. Dazzyls


      Oh wait, no, that's the country game.

    3. C4The_Architect


      Should I remove this status?

    4. Dazzyls


      You decide

  5. Wow.I didn't know Paris has a Communist office.

  6. Let the bodies hit the flow,Let the bodies hit the flow,Let the bodies hit the....Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    2. gviper


      Mozart right?

    3. C4The_Architect


      Why did so much people use this music in Youtubes videos back in the old days?

    4. airman15


      @gviper- I was referring to the classics of the 1980's, not the 1780's! ;)

      Bands like Tesla, Iron Maiden and so forth.

  7. Recently my Mini Paris was deleted along with all my mods due to the computer deleting it,but at least I was able to create this beauty. :)http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m207/C4creeper/ScreenShot_20150511164827_zpswi2vtspb.png

    1. Dazzyls


      Oh my... That looks amazing!

    2. C4The_Architect
  8. I never knew that the metro station I commute through everday is the largest underground metro station in the world. :D

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    2. C4The_Architect
    3. TowerDude


      Lol, Chatelet can be hell.. been there so often haha

    4. C4The_Architect


      Yeah.I know TowerDude.Its in the progress of renovation so its terrible at the time. :P

  9. So,I changed my name..What you guys think?

  10. Noooo!Only 4 more days and my 2 week vacation is over.Why god,why!

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    2. C4The_Architect


      Well,when do you get a break?

    3. C4The_Architect


      In France,a Sunday here is a day off for everyone meaning most stores are closed and supermarkets.So if you don't buy your food on Saturday you'll have fun eating crumbs. :b

    4. Tonraq
  11. Well,I guess Vladimir Putin has joined the community...

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    2. C4The_Architect


      I don't get it.What did I do?

    3. CdMadero


      Well i don't get it either, it wasn't joke about that new member? :(

    4. Putin


      Да, я присоединился к сообществу.

  12. So,I've been growing bushes lately.Sadly,They look nothing like George Bush.

  13. Lets write a story!I'll start.Once upon a time there was a ham...

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    2. C4The_Architect


      Humpty had a drinking problem,

    3. C4The_Architect


      Humpty had a drinking problem,

    4. Dazzyls


      because beer's what his grandma had given him for...

  14. I have a feeling that this is somehow EAs fault that this was a terrible eclipse. :P

  15. Does Cities:Skylines have a time cycle and a weather cycle?Because I have never seen the game at night.

    1. TekindusT


      It does not, at the moment. We'll see if some expansion pack or mod fixes this.

    2. packersfan


      REALLY? I thought it did for sure. Wow.

  16. I still can't access the homepage of Simtropolis on my iPhone.It just keeps reloading the forums page.Anyone have a solution?

    1. cmdp123789


      Go to the bottom of the site, and click on "full site".. that should solve it!

    2. C4The_Architect


      I do.It loads the forums as a full site but when I click home it just reloads the full version of the forums page.

  17. Everythime I see someone write about C:S,I'm thinking they're writi about Counter Strike. :3

  18. Nooooo! I just finished Breaking Bad. :,( I don't know what else to do with my life.

    1. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      Go to GoT and TWD ♥

    2. Hamish


      Time to break bad?

  19. For some reason the homepage doesn't open on iPhone.Everytime I click Home it just reloads the forums page. :\

  20. God, I want a Roomba...

  21. So I have a IPhone 5S and I was wondering if a case is needed.I really love the design of the phone but is a case worth it or should I just be careful which I totally am.

    1. Hotwheeler


      Well, i never hat such protecto casings for mobile phones and most of those phones stil look like new.Exept the ones when i was totally stupid or had bad luck(keys in same pocket as phone and then falling on this side, phone falling through a hole in my pocket while riding a step road downwards with my bicycle...)

  22. What do I have to do to get my CJ entry to be on the homepage?

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    2. mrsmartman


      I though it was managed by some sort of algorithm.

    3. Tonraq
    4. ROFLyoshi


      Usually takes about 1-2 days for them to go through.

  23. So......I recently meaning just right now made a City journal, come check it out if you want to...Yeah. http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/5257/entry-25450-the-story-and-the-city/

  24. 12 killed in Paris by terrists.Dam our idiot president,they need to secure there goddam borders otherwise

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Yeah, because all it takes is the president saying a few words, and then a border that's several ten thousand kilometres long will automatically be 100% secure.

    2. C4The_Architect


      Good thinking T. :b

  25. What does 1+2 mean? :)

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    2. Ganaram Inukshuk
    3. KonstantinII
    4. C4The_Architect


      None of you got it right.

      1+2=3 which Konstantinll said.

      And 3 means.....

      Half-life 3 Confirmed. :)