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  1. I started thinking, is this newest SimCity more of a remake or a reboot? As in, imagine SC2000, SC3000 and SC4 never happened. Afterall, the original SimCity had only 3 zones for Commercial, Residential and Industrial (there was no low, medium, high that you could specify when zoning). There was no farming. No terraforming. Random disasters. No subways. Anyway, I haven't played it enough (5ish hours) to really give a definitive review. I know it's not what I wanted and not the evolution I was hoping for, but, as a fan, I have to give it enough time to see if it's a good game in its own right. I need to try filling out a full region of my own cities. I don't expect it to have the longevity of SC4. Either way, I look forward to "SimCity 4 (2027)"! You do the math.