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  1. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Who made this game really gamefaces like me auto know that sim city is a building game. so why the HELL is the building maps so small, people like this are killing good games i love sim city just came back after 8 yrs but this is wrong to me. Plus all that open space around the region teasing our ant cities?.. Did they huddle together & really pat each other on the backs & say good job plenty of issues here how do i know well im a veteran of all titles what a waste...
  2. Nuclear Meltdown

    Lol all of you nuclear gooses haha, don't you remeber what happend to chanoble & fukushima didn't bother to look up spelling, but stay away from nuclear power! It's ugly ain't it, get you're education up or shut it down that will help & lessons learned or not..
  3. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Just think the city building sizes are small i understand the Region thing they got going. but its been over eight years since iv'e played sim city lol but ive built two cities in one day & want to keep building but white lines say No i mean all that untouched region from rivers coast mountains. Lol i remember last time i played sim 4 the whole region i was able to build now im confined to a white sqaure.. I just wish they could extend that border even further it's way to small on all the maps cmon...