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  1. Put down a sewage treatment facility. It will replenish the water table around itself.
  2. Electronics world

    Build a college or a university to get tech level and education level up, then make a recycling station. Give the recycling station alloy units. Then build a trade station, and give it bays for Alloy, Plastic and Processors. Set Alloy to use, Plastic to import, and Processors to export. Add to it as far as your economy allows. Eventually, you'll need to import alloy as well. Soon after that, you should be able to start making TVs and computers.
  3. You could try gifting resources from another city to try and boost your output to what you need.
  4. Nuclear Power Plant

    A nuclear power plant will stay safe as long as you've got at least three hats, which a simple college can provide The more the merrier, of course. I've operated them on Safe level with as few as two hats, but at such low levels it's very likely to occasionally switch over to unsafe, so you will want to be monitoring it constantly if you're running it on less than three hats.
  5. The poll isn't really for "worst" company, it's for "most hated" company. Sure, killing gorillas or spilling oil upsets you, but it's a simple fact that the majority of people are going to be even more upset when something happens that personally affects them. EA won not because they chop down the rain forest, but because their business practices harm their customers. They affect people more directly than their competition, and as such receive more hate for it. That said, if I buy diesel from a gas station that overcharges, I still get my fuel. If I pay my cell phone bill, I still get to make phone calls, even if there are hidden fees. If I buy a game from EA, I might receive something playable, or I might not. Edited for clarity.
  6. They really ought to implement some form of Great Works voting feature or such.
  7. Actually, from what I've heard, the only worthwhile Great Works is the airport. It provides both tourism and freight, so pretty much any city can benefit, but I'm not exactly biased toward any one. Hopefully, EA will release a patch soon so I can start playing again. <.< Feels rather crummy for me to not be able to play with you guys now. Yeah, the region wall is rather buggy. Regions overall are bugged out, utilities sharing doesn't seem to pay, for example.
  8. Looks like the region is all filled up now. Let's make her pretty, no?
  9. Origin Friends

    Origin name here is satcharna. I usually play on the Antarctic server. I speak English, Swedish, German, Dutch, a bit of Russian and Yiddish, so just poke me if you want to chat or play together or I dunno.
  10. No industry, No commercial

    Even more amusing is that if he lowered the land value, he could squeeze in even more people there.
  11. I've been having some problems playing lately, because the game keeps crashing a minute or two after launching it, but I'll make sure to send you an invite as soon as I can get back on, Shroom. That said, it should be as simple as searching for me in the game, clicking my profile, and then it should be in my list of games. I made it public to allow that functionality, after all.
  12. It runs fine on my old 3G phone.
  13. Water issues

    Use the sewage treatment facility. It refills the water faster than just an outlet. My big city has two treatment tanks next to two filtered pumps, and my water level is stable at 60 months left, which is 95% capacity for the pump.