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  1. Hello ladies and gents, I am here to ask you some help and to understand what I am doing. I am currently building this city, as shown in the pic. I first wanted to make it all R/C but I spotted at start this huge oil pool. So I am thinking about making some kind of oil refinery type of city and then sell the production to the rest of my region. Big problem is that I am a complete $%&^! at simcity and I absolutely have no clue about what to do lol. I get quite some money from my factory, which I then send to the trade depot to export the oil and also use it to power my oil power station (sorry about the language mistakes, I am french). Well, I don't really know what I should do to make this city "stand-alone", meaning using the oil to produce the electricity I need and sell the rest on the market. I didn't grasp the concept of it so I am quite lost because my income is more than good but well, as you will probably see, there is a lot of non-sense... All roads are now medium-density apart from the avenues which are like the highway exit (6 by 6) and I have just about one of each services excluding education. Any help on a new builder would be much appreciated! Have a good game. >Speed<