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  1. So you guys are having a problem getting them of MEGA? If that one isnt working for some people try this one http://www.4shared.com/office/Hn6SVGzv/InstanceID.html>Download - 4Shared https://mega.co.nz/#!uURCWaoT!esv0_Wz93Z9ovuZxWPQc0Tti83A5OLF3I_HtMTkvZJU>Download - MEGA I would of put it on pastebin but they have a limit of 500kb for non registered users... yea im not registering for that lol
  2. 7422 Instance ID's..... Enjoy Instance ID's
  3. @warrior - Thanks you! This is what i have been looking for. It does everything correctly. You have no idea how much you have helped me. Did you write this yourself? If you ever need anything let me know, i owe you one. @warrior - would it be possible to also output like this InputTXT - OutputHash Without that i would still have to copy/paste the txt back over
  4. Also anyone got any results for a batch conversion tool for the FNV1-32 Hash? So i can convert a whole list from a txt file to FNV?
  5. Anyone noticed the DLC Worship yet?
  6. I got all of theese value's from going from file to file searching by hand for every filename. This isnt even everything yet. I tried to collect every jpg, gif, png, js... and so on filename. If only i can get a fnv hash script going that imports off a txt file or even copy and paste and outputs all of the hash One day lol
  7. @oppie - http://pastebin.com/JM3qMY5T I didnt want to post all of this because it was a massive amount of work that someone could easyily take credit for. My left pinky is sore after 2 days latter from the copy and paste. I really just need somone to get a batch fnv calculator going. I also have the filename's with the extensions and folder layout as related to the files. ******** - Please this was alot of work nobody f*** me on this please
  8. Hey i have a list of filenames used by simcity. Over 600+. Does anyone know or would be able to make a cli for gibbed fnv hash tool. It took me about 2 hours to do 100 value's. I am not about to do 600 more. If anyone can help me out i would very very greatly appreciate it. My list is in a plain txt file with one value then another on the next line. I can insert newline characters or whatever if needed. Please someone help me out this is so time consumeing.
  9. SCTweak

    It works Thanks
  10. So since they removed the javaconsole a couple of updates agao here is the javaconsole package to make it work again. Thanks to ProcsKalone. Download
  11. SCTweak

    Doesnt seem to work on my end either. The program launches and i can apply but ingame it doesnt change anything
  12. Should be close to program files "Origin Games". For whatever reason i have two folders. One that just says "Origin". Then i have another one says "Origin Games"
  13. Same thing happens as Felgard stated to me. Just as simple as removing the last part of the code that gets added. No big.
  14. I got it working last night. Do i need to send it to you? Its just code at this point with simple xaml style window