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  1. Oh, that did it! Thank you!
  2. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I've been having the same problem with the The grayscale is 3073 x 2305, so that means config.bmp should be 48 x 36, which it is. The folder is in 'Documents\SimCity 4\Regions', but it's telling me the jpg should be 961 x 961. This makes me think there's a 15 x 15 config.bmp that it's looking at somewhere instead of the one in the folder itself, or there's some other, unrelated error that's throwing up this message. Can anyone help? Edit: What's even odder is that when I load the terrain into Landscape Designer, it's reading the size of the grayscale as 2458.4 x 1844 [sic!] and giving me a 38 x 29 config.bmp.