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  1. Brief-History of the Issue I am having an issue with Simcity 5, I was doing fine with my city, reaching 40.000 in population, had a good and stable income, suddenly there popped up an error. The error/alert said it could not synchronize my city correctly, it said I had to quit or I rather had no option, I had to exit my city and the game. When I came back on, I told me to roll-back my city, I did so. I then tried to press play, the loading went as normal, but the only problem was, nothing happened, I waited in the loading for 15 minutes or so, nothing happened. I've tried to abandon my city and re-claim it, I've tried to exit the game multiple times, nothing different happens, I've also tried to make one of my friends claim it, but he can't. It says that he can't take it over since the player that owned it has built too much. I see no progress of the bug, so I am reporting this here and now. It is pretty much bugging me a lot. Information/City Information/Account Information Origin: Nexoduz Server: Antarctica Region: Yo City: Raptor City Issue: Can't load the city. Thank you for reviewing my complaint Nexoduz, Unsatisfied player of Simcity 5