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  1. Laptop to buy for Game

    I'd like to chime in with an opinion that is very different from everyone here. I had a 4 year old laptop and like you got tired of the choppiness and low settings. Like you, I wanted to spend around $1,000. I got a Lenovo 13 Yoga with an i5 with integrated graphics. I am running Sim City 2013 with 1600x900 resolution and high with consistent FPS above 30. I have 8GB of RAM, but more than happy with the performance. As a bonus you get a great touchscreen ultrabook. Of course, if you want to play games more intense than Sim City, you may struggle.
  2. Can the Lenovo Yoga 13 run it?

    Hey man, I just got a Lenovo Yoga, in some part because I wanted to play Sim City 13. It works perfectly. I have the i5 with 8gb of RAM. Running it on high with 1600X900 resolution. Frame rates over 30FPS consistently, and no experienced lag.