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  1. Thanks, Yeah I think I finally figured it out. Steam -> Library -> SimCity 4 Deluxe (Right Click -> Properties) -> Set Launch Options From what I'm guessing, the guides want you to have two shortcuts: One for your singleplayer worlds and one for multiplayer worlds. I don't think that's possible with Steam though. Instead, if I want to play single player, then I clear the 'Set Launch Options'. Another thing I noticed is that I could not get the commands to work when dropbox was located in D:\Dropbox\ I reinstalled to C:\User\username\ and now when I launch SimCity 4, the game directs itself to the dropbox. From what I can tell, the directory placed in 'Set Launch Options' is only the directory for all Regions; it's not a directory for all SC4 files Plugins & Regions though I haven't tested Plugins yet. I'm still looking for more feedback from people who have setup dropbox multiplayer worlds as well as people using Steam to access dropbox. Thanks
  2. Greetings, I've just purchased/downloaded the SimCity4: Deluxe Edition through Steam and my friend was telling me that it's possible for us to co-op using the dropbox method. I have searched through the internet and have gotten some understanding as the procedure works. The problem though is that all the guides seem to be for the original CD/DVD copy of the game, not the Steam version. I can't really figure out where I am suppose to put -UserDir:"D:\Dropbox\sc4multi\" in the shortcut properties. Steam shortcut properties usually are different compared other application shortcuts (which I have noticed in the past when trying to edit/mod steam games). So I am hoping someone could assist me with sorting out setting up the shortcut for SimCity4: Deluxe Edition (Steam Download) Also, I couldn't find a tutorial on how to setup your own dropbox world; all the searches just directed me on the procedure to join someone else's dropbox world. I was just curious if there is much involved in getting this setup from start to finish? I think I figured out dropbox, just need to figure out the SimCity part. If I want to use plugins/mods, do I just start a region and then upload both Plugins\ & Regions\ directories? Do I need to upload Plugins\ or is that all just locally setup by the player (maybe just upload it so all users can download and have the same plugins at all times). Do I upload Regions\ or just the Regions\(my region)\ directory? Anything else I need to know? Thanks for the assistance.