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  1. Anyone who wants to join, send me an Origin and/or SimCity friend request. Might have to be on North America West 4 for a SimCity friend search for my name to get results.
  2. Ive sent friend requests via Origin. Sim City Servers are down right now , but i'll keep trying.
  3. i sent you an Origin Friend invite, i'll invite you to game once you accept
  4. Sounds good Edit I searched your name and nothing came up :-/ Whats your origin name? maybe i can add u if theres still room
  5. I'm down. I'll play heavily on the weekends, Just an hour or two average on weekdays. Good enough?
  6. I just created a brand new 16 city region. None of my friends play SimCity and i need other players in the region. It is just a couple minutes old as of this post. Post here and/or dd me to friends so i can invite (nmqb13).