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  1. Hello Simtropolis, I've recently purchased SimCity 2013, and I've found myself in a weird situation, something I would describe as poor optimization. My SimCity setup: Resolution: 1920x1080 Lighting: LOW Textures: HIGH Shadows: MEDIUM Geometry: MEDIUM Animations: MEDIUM Tilt-shift: LESS AA: OFF FPS LIMÌTER: OFF V-SYNC: OFF This gives me 18-20 fps, and I try to endure this even though it's horrible. The situation is, when I change lighting detail only and keep everything else as it is above: I'm getting 60'ish fps when lighting is on minimal setting. But when I turn lighting to low, it goes to the 20 fps. When I put lighting to medium, it stays around 20. If I however lighting on high or ultra, I get 15'ish fps. My specs: Win7 Premium 64-bit Intel Core i7 2670QM 2,2 GHz - Default overclocked to 3,1 GHz Nvidia GT555M 2GB 8GB's of RAM Am I somewhat retarded, or does this change in fps, when changing lighting, seem unfair and a result of poor optimization from the development crew? I appreciate any feedback to help me improve my fps. P.S. Maxing out the game gives me 13 fps, but being on ultra lighting with everything else at lowest gives me 15 fps, what the what the? P.P.S My taskmanager shows that only about 6% of my cpu is being used by SimCity when playing. P.P.P.S It seems that the "lighting detail" setting kind of overrides the other graphical settings, which I've never seen a game do before. Par. ex. when I turn everything to high, from lighting to animations I get 13 fps, when I turn lighting to high and everything else to low, I get 16 fps.