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  1. I noticed something weird in one of my cities (400k residential pop in high-density zones, same amount of commercial zone and high-tech industry zones). I'm trying to grow big skyscrapers with Co-$$ and Co-$$$ and demand for Co-$$ is at least enough for 50k jobs. But over time (decades), Cs-$$$ has been growing steadily, while Co-$$ has been stagnant despite the continued massive demand... So I think bigger Co-buildings don't grow if a lot of space has been taken by the mainly 3x2 ~160 jobs providing Cs-$$$ boutiques. Can Cs-$$$ grow into bigger buildings, so they don't take so much space? Or is the only solution to make two cities, one with Cs-friendly taxes and one with Co-friendly taxes? Another related question, does the appearance of commercial skyscrapers depend on Res or Co/Cs population? Thank you!