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  1. It depends....on what system you want... If you want the most "space" out of your city = square If you want the most "stylish" out of your city = Triangle/Circle If you want the most "Simoleon" out of your city = farm resident/comercial only 1/4 of your city area. 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The lesser area you have to deal with will save your investment in parks and transportation. Simcity 2013 is not a fast pace game where you can increase population/income in a matter of sim days. Density is what you want to aim for but the more density = more residents = more traffic = chaos. I have restarted my city over 5 times. (*look below for more details) If you planned on remodel your city...I would recommended you to raise your taxes to 20% and close (not bulldoze) all services. You will make 300k-500k in no times (consider you have at least 20k population to begin with.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not take any credit beside ideas posted here. All medias property belongs to....whoever they belong to 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1* You can restart cities without abandon them by bulldoze EVERYTHING including roads and start fresh. Ground pollution can be "cured" by planting TREES [not parks] in polluted area and wait 2-3 sim days..or more. Homeless people will leave your town when they have nowhere to stay for a period of time. 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Traffic and population/tourist are inevitable. There are many theory as to how to reduce traffics but the most effective way is to draw as little INTERSECTIONs in the entire city as possible. I built a city once with all road are connect and no sharp angle at all (no traffic light). Pros: easy flow traffic even with 15k population. Barely seen any red indicator. Cons: Police/ambulance/fire fighter/delivery truck will have to take the long route.... Road guides are very helpful as to tell where to draw the next road. I'll attach a picture showing how to read the guides. But one main topic you need to understand is there are two type of density buildings. The "street" and "avenue" types. Both type has different level support of density. The main different between both is style/size. If you want street cars...you will need to start with avenue and not street. I would recommended to start with avenue if you have the money. Both road types will create traffic. Traffic doesn't created from using wrong road type but by having too many intersections. You can have almost zero traffic if carefully planned your city well.
  2. trying to find envison but can't find the name. z-forze Just wanna settle down on one region/city and grow old. ^^
  3. starting a region!

    US EAST 3 Wanna go for tourist or edu or someting that make ton of money (tourist)
  4. Join me in US East 3