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  1. Hey, i started with a big 16 cities region and made 2 cities and started on a great works project. The first city has about 200k population and the other city has about 15k. I would like to experience with other players and believe that other cities would benefit the overall region. If you are interested in joining the region, just shoot me a friend request and ill send you an invite asap. Server: East America 2 Origion:DrKuzzie
  2. Looking for a region to join.

    Im on East America 2, i currently have 2 cities, one with about 200k population the other is about 15k. Im working on a great works project right now, but i could really use others to run cities that can help me out. The big city is supported completely by specializations, the smaller one is supported by the larger one as of now, working on the great works project to see how that pans out
  3. Yeah, i did this last night, made sure i had my specializations importing and when i wokeup i had roughtly 12 million, 1/3 or my city was rubble but thats because a giant lizard just came through. But overall it was good, im working on a great works project with my big city, losing 50k an hour, but if i export my tvs i can easily make that money back. I would say just make sure your city can be sufficent