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  1. Low Customers Despite Heavy Traffic

    I know this is old post, but to solve this update simcity to 1.1.638 (or 1.1.640 doesn't matter). NAM is not fully compatitable with previous versions. This is how I solved mine.
  2. Help with dying city

    I meant stand-alone city if that makes sense I used Frap pro version hehe
  3. Help with dying city

    Thanks for reply, However, These yellow lines indicate Subway routes not traffic, Here is picture with the traffic congestion data : Green lines indicate low congestion. Road traffic is about 10% of total road capacity as shown in the traffic volume data nearing end of the video clip. Further I have installed 54 bus stops early in the game and they are similar in numbers to subway stations. but most sims do not to use it because new subway system is faster in terms of distance. I have circled bus stops in red as shown: About regional play I feel like it makes sim city lot easier in comparison as I can simply ignore pollution, garbage variables So i think I will stick to a stand-alone city for a while Thanks
  4. Hello, I am playing Vanilla Simsity 4 deluxe pack - EP1 patched and making a self-sustaining city, that is no connection or a help from a neighbouring city. The city is 128*128 size and has every industry except agriculture. It was fine for a populus up until about 13,000, but since then I started having people deserting work (and leave city eventually) due to high commute time. Installing web-like underground passages does not solve the problem, as most people simply get jobs half way across the map. I now have a dying city with many black buildings and declining profit as a result. I have attached HD video clip for my city : Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code as you can see, I have deliberatedly created a inefficient road network leaving residential area to force sims to use public transport as a results I have very high bus, subway usage I tried to correct some of pathfinding problem by installing NAM but the issue persists. How do people in Simtropolis solve this problem? Many thanks in advance p.s. I have set 20% tax for manufacture as there were no more room for expansion. I now have a warning that workers may desert work due to high tax but do people actually do that? setting 20% for dirty industry didn't change any worker related behaviour.