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  1. I have been playing since the 2nd beta and of course, I picked up the game on launch day, and I know everyone is having server problems, random crashes, queues, forums exploding with complaints, but I just want to say besides from all those problems and getting over the server issues: I... LOVE... this.. game... Finally after days of unable to login, today I got to play at least 6+ hours straight without any interruptions and I didn't even know I was playing that long until I realized I was starving because I skipped lunch and dinner! The devs really worked to expand their servers like they said and when I was on the 3rd or 4th server, I had no problems, maybe a little bit of 'sync' waiting but not as bad as the 1st or 2nd servers (couldn't log in at all). Anyways, I can't believe how fast time flies when I am building my city, there is ALWAYS something new to do, and something more to improve upon, and I just think it's amazing. I haven't had this much fun in well... years! I mean once you realize you can do something new or something better, it's like a whole new game again! That along with the pretty graphics and the ability to ZOOM in and see all the neat intricate details, and slow the pace down so you can take the time to relish your own creations, and watch houses get build, or looking at how traffic congestion can be figured out, I just can't help but smile every time... everything seems to be living and breathing and to me this is what makes this game that much more satisfying! And even after you think you got it all down, you get new ideas and want to make another city and then you realize it's been almost 6+ hours and you don't feel bored at all or burned out like other games out there. I don't know... I guess there aren't enough words to describe how awesome this game is. I am pretty sure once this whole login/ server/ busy issue gets worked out, this game will become another classic and fan favorite! Well, that is my honest and humble opinion and I need to get back and start building that Processor Factory which just got approved! ~Cheers