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  1. Fire/Medical/Police services...

    Yes sometimes they will come and help out if nothing is going on in that other city though it is completely random and the truck doesnt need to be volunteered by your friend(or you if the other city in your region is your's) though if it was volunteered you would always have that truck available to you as that city goes down one truck
  2. Riots outside City Hall

    if the problem doesnt show up for hovering your mouse over city hall clicking on it should show it. I been having riots for low land value but its weird because only like 3 streets are low weath and the majority of my city is high and medium wealth i am confused no matter what i do to try to raise the value they still protest my friend suggested parks and it didnt help.
  3. Nuclear Meltdown

    maybe even the hazmat addition to the fire station might even reduce it worth a shot i havent had a meltdown yet thank god to even try out different things just suggesting ideas
  4. Awesome thanks im going to test this in the morning and rearrange my pumps etc
  5. So wait to get this clear because i seem to always run out of water and my neighbors cant provide a strong enough flow. I need a sewage treatment plant and a water pumping station? now does water need to be under the water pumping station cause it isnt cheap to move it to other locations with water all the time but if what i read above made any sense im thinking if the sewage treatment plant and water pumping station are next to each other it will always provide me with water.